the Programmer's Numpad

the Programmer's Numpad

$10.00 USD - $45.00 USD

Case | Firmware | Design Files

ASSEMBLY NOTE: Remember to solder the headers for the microcontroller to the board before you solder the switches! Otherwise, you will not be able to access the pins to solder them.

Have you ever wanted a numpad that was a little bit longer? Well now you can have that. Input hexadecimal with ease! Or just have eight macro buttons! It's up to you.

This is a barebones kit, so you'll need to supply your own switches, keycaps, stabilizers, and microcontroller. (SMT diodes are already soldered to the PCB.) The board is designed around the XIAO RP2040 or QT Py RP20240 microcontroller boards.

The case can be 3D printed out of PLA or any other rigid material, with the feet printed out of TPU. It is designed to be assembled with M3x4mm threaded inserts in the bottom half of the case. The top half of the case also functions as the plate for the switches.

If you have the case 3D printed by us, it will be printed out of PLA. Screws are included with the case, and threaded inserts will be preinstalled. The feet will always be printed in black TPU, and will be pre-attached to the bottom of the case.

If you select a custom color case, please leave a note saying what color you want.

Rev.0 boards are currently available at a discount, as the mounting holes were in the wrong spot due to a design error. If you order one, it will have the mounting holes drilled again in the correct spot, by us.

$10.00 USD - $50.00 USD
$10.00 USD - $50.00 USD
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