OK35 Kit

OK35 Kit

$5.00 - $50.00 — On sale

This is a SINGLE, UNASSEMBLED split keyboard/macropad PCB. You can find the hardware source files at https://github.com/mothdotmonster/OK35

If you'd like to use it as a split keyboard, a modified QMK is available at https://github.com/mothdotmonster/qmk_firmware/tree/master/keyboards/mothdotmonster/ok35 You'll need to get two.

If you'd like to use it as a macropad, I haven't gotten firmware for that up and running yet, but I'll be sure to post it here if I do. You'll only need one.

This kit will include:
- 1x OK35 PCB
- 35x 1N4148 diodes
- 2x 10kΩ resistors
- 1x PJ-320A TRRS jack

- 3D printed top, bottom, and foot
- 4x M3x10 bolts
- 2x M3x20 bolts

- 1x Pro Micro-compatible with USB C*

*Depending on availability, you may receive either a Bit-C or Elite-C.

For v0.1.0 boards, the jumper to select which side the board is is missing. Instead, you can connect pin A3 of the Pro Micro to 5V for the left side, and GND for the right side. The v0.1.2 board fixes this.

v0.1.2 boards will have a ~1 month lead time for the first batch.