OK35 - barebones keyboard kit

OK35 - barebones keyboard kit

$15.00 USD - $20.00 USD

This is a barebones kit, including the PCB and passive components.

You will need to source your own microcontroller (any Pro Micro or compatible), switches, case, hardware, cables, and keycaps. No components will be soldered.

Each purchase will give you one PCB. If you want to use them as a split pair, you'll need two. The provided firmware is configured for that, but could be easily be reconfigured for macropad use.

Firmware | VIA .json | Design Files

I only have one v0.1.0 board left in stock. Please don't try to buy more than one.

For v0.1.0 boards, the jumper to select which side the board is is missing. Instead, you can connect pin A3 of the Pro Micro to 5V for the left side, and GND for the right side. The v0.1.2 board fixes this, but will have a lead time of roughly 1 month.

If you would like to purchase a large quantity, please contact us directly.